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UFC x Simon Lau “A Cow” From A1 Chinese Radio Video Just Released on Facebook

We are so glad to have Simon Lau from A1 Radio to promote our UFC Refresh Coconut Water 100% natural, produced from carefully selected fresh coconuts harvested from Thailand’s “coconut belt” areas where the best coconuts are cultivated. With no added sugar and no preservatives. UFC Refresh Coconut Water is filled with essential electrolytes and various nutrients, making it a healthier choice for natural rehydration.

Simon Lau – affectionately known as ‘Ah Cow’ who is very popular in Chinese Canadian community, began broadcasting on radio in 1997 and has an enviable record of hosting the CHIN Picnic for 16 straight years. He has shared countless stage time with visiting pop stars from Hong Kong and has organized many star-studded shows.

Check out the video below!

阿牛點解“扎扎跳” 仲可以“彈彈嗊”

阿牛點解“扎扎跳” 仲可以“彈彈嗊” 又可以"飛"添….抗疫一定要充滿能量,Ladies & Gentlemen 有請牛爺﹗﹗#UFC椰子水 #補充體力 #能量 #好飲 #一起STAYHOME的日子 #抗疫

Posted by A1中文電台 星島A1 Chinese Radio on Monday, 11 May 2020