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Our Company

For nearly 40 years, our grocery wholesale business has successfully distributed Asian food products. Our mission is to lead and inspire the Asian food wholesale business in Canada through connecting Canadian retailers and restaurants to authentic and savory Asian food brands. We recognize Canada’s diversity and we are dedicated to sourcing products from the Pacific Rim and other regions of the world to deliver diverse tastes that Canadians love. 

Core Values of Our People


We show passion and enthusiasm in all we do.


We collaborate as a team to achieve our common goals.


We uphold the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.


We acknowledge and respect differences in each other.

Core Values of Our Business

New Product

We continue to bring in new products to our customers that make a difference.

New Market

We continue to develop new markets to meet customer needs.


We are professional in the way we do things and are knowledgeable in our fields.

Embracing Changes and Challenges

We understand and have a positive attitude towards changes and challenges. We continue to learn new skills to stay on top of trends.