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Asian Home Gourmet- loved by hundreds of influencers &gaining millions of impressions!!

Canda Six Fortune focuses it’s brand awareness efforts in both the Toronto and Vancouver markets.

This time , Canda Six Fortune cooperated with a marketing agency to distribute products and partnered with influencers within key areas to establish brand recognition through influencers’ social platforms.

Throughout the campaign,  We distributed Asian Home Gourmet  products to  influencers  to  raise awareness of  the brand and its extensive product line.

To further these efforts, Canda Six Fortune focused on the Thai Tom Yum Soup and Singapore  Laksa  Spice Pastes, creating  recipe box  drops that included  all of the ingredients needed to create the dish. We distributed the boxes to influencers that made the recipes and showcased the  final  product  on  their social platforms.

To support all initiatives, we created Asian Home Gourmet branded notecards and stickers highlighting key messages of the products as well as noting how to tag and share on social.

To date, we got hundreds of influencers engaged in this campaign and secured 4,260,105 impressions through this initiative.

Here are some of the posts of the influencers who participated in the campaign: @mydigitalkitchen